Title Creator Date Era City Country
Johnson Wax Building Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright 1939 1900 - 1950 Racine United States
Othello: the Moor of Venice Playwright: William Shakespeare 1603 1600s Stratford-on-Avon United Kingdom
Chariot of Apollo Sculptor: Jean Baptiste (1630-1700) Tuby 1668-1670 1600s Versailles France
Trustee from the Toolroom Author: Nevil Shute 1960 United Kingdom
Psyche Author: Phyllis Brett Young 1959 Canada
Etudes Choreographer: Harold Lander 1948 Pre-1950 Ballet/Dance New York United States
The Samovar Painter: Emil Carlsen 1920c. 1900s
Ferrari Dino 246 GT Designer: Enzo Ferrari 1969 Italy
Merry Widow (Die Lustige Witwe) Composer: Franz Lehar 1905 1900s Vienna Austria
Dangerous Beauty Director: Marshall Herskovitz 1998 United States
Diana Sculptor: Auguste Saint-Gaudens 1892 1900s New York United States
Euphronios Krater aka Sarpedon Krater Vase Painter: Euphronios 515 BC Greece
Spider Web Narcissi Table Lamp Designer: Louis Comfort Tiffany circa 1902 1900-1950 United States
Green fabric Designer: Mariano Fortuny circa 1920 Italy
David Sculptor: Michelangelo Buonarotti 1504 1500s Florence Italy
Burn Notice Creator: Matt Nix 2007 Miami United States
Eiffel Tower Designer: Gustave Eiffel 1889 Paris France
Pirelli Calendar Diver Photographer: Uwe Ommer 1984 Italy
Confectionary Basket from Japan, Fukui region Designer: Anonymous unknown Japan
Composition with Red Yellow Blue and Black Painter: Piet Mondrian 1921 The Hague Netherlands
Die Hard Director: John McTiernan 1988 July 15 United States
Rembrandt Director: Korda Alexander 1936 1931-1950 United Kingdom
Dirty Dancing Director: Emile Ardolino 1987
Black Stallion Director: Carroll Ballard 1979
Mad Men Creator: Matthew Weiner 2007 Los Angeles United States
Vitus Director: Fredi Murer 2006
Romeo + Juliet Director: Baz Luhrmann 1996 1991-2010 United States
Staircase Group (aka Portrait of Raphaelle Peale and Titian Ramsay Peale) Painter: Charles Wilson Peale 1795 Philadelphia United States
Rose Window - La Sainte-Chapelle (aka The Holy Chapel Designer: Unknown 1248 Paris, Ile de la Cite France
Sainte-Chapelle Architect: Anonymous 1248 Paris, Ile de la Cite France
Chocolat Director: Lasse Hallstrom 2000 United Kingdom
Niobe Sculptor: unknown c. 200 BC Rome Italy
Blue Phoenix Painter: Koyo Omura 1921 1900s Chicago United States
Day at the Beach Painter: J.C. Leyendecker 1932 1900s United States
Real Adventure, The Author: Henry Kitchell Webster 1915 United States
Tell No One (aka Ne le dis à personne) Director: Guillaume Canet 2006 1991-2010 France
Burgos Cathedral Crossing Architect: Unknown 1569 circa 1500s Burgos Spain
Atlas Shrugged Author: Ayn Rand 1957 1951 - 2000 New York United States
Blue Steps of Naumkeag Landscape Designer: Fletcher Steele 1937-39 1900 - 1950 Stockbridge, MA United States
Wall Street Director: Oliver Stone 1987 1971-1990 United States
Camelot Composer: Lerner and Loewe 1960 1951-2000 New York United States
I'll See You Again Composer: Noel Coward 1929 1900s Manchester United Kingdom
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Composer: Warren and Dubin 1933-34 1900s United States
King in Khaki, A Author: Henry Kitchell Webster 1909 1900 - 1950 United States
Attila (live performance) Composer: Giuseppe Verdi 2010 03 03 1851-1900 New York United States
Pieta Sculptor: Michelangelo Buonarotti 1500 1500s Rome Italy
Are You Lonesome Tonight? Composer: Lou Handman 1926 1900s United States
East of Eden Author: John Steinbeck 1952 1951 - 2000 United States
Ebben? Ne andrò lontana (aria from La Wally) Composer: Alfredo Catalani 1892 1851-1900 Milan Italy
Wisdom and Strength Painter: Paolo Veronese 1580c 1500s Venice? Italy
Wait for Your Soldier Singing Group: Soviet Army Chorus and Band unknown mid-20th century 1900s Russia
Design for Living Writer: Noel Coward 1932 1900s United Kingdom
Wall-E Director: Andrew Stanton 2008 1991-2010 Hollywood United States
Comedia Painter: Thomas Wilmer Dewing 1892-4c 1800s Philadelphia United States
Rape of Polyxena, The Sculptor: Pio Fedi 1866 1800s Florence Italy
Covered Box Designer: John Otar 1930 1901-2000 Santa Cruz, CA United States
Fireplace and Door Designer: Wharton Esherick 1936c. 1901-2000 Philadelphia United States
Far Country, The Author: Nevil Shute 1952 1951 - 2000 Australia
Feast of Belshazzar Painter: Rembrandt Van Rijn 1635c. 1600s London United Kingdom
Crane Under the Rain Ohara, Shoson: 1928 1900s Japan
Brass Bowl, The Vance, Louis Joseph: 1907 1900 - 1950 United States
Three Graces Sculptor: Antonio Canova 1814 1800s Italy
Old Man with a Young Boy Painter: Domenico Ghirlandaio 1490 1400s Florence Italy
Fame Director: Alan Parker 1980 1971-1990 New York United States
Enemy Below, The Director: Dick Powell 1957 1951-1970 United States
Bolero Dancers: Torvill and Dean 1994 1990-2009 United States
American President Director: Rob Reiner 1995 1991-2010 Washington, D.C. United States
Helene Arpels Dress Designer: Maggy Rouff 1937 1901-1950 Paris France
Rashomon Director: Akira Kurosawa 1950 1931-1950 Japan
Billy Elliot Director: Stephen Daldry 2000 1991-2010 United Kingdom
Head of a Bearded Man Domenichino: 1625c 1600s New York United States
Horse Seen from Behind Draftsman: Andrea Boscoli 1587c 1500s United States
Ruggles of Red Gap Director: Leo McCarey 1935 1931-1950 United States
Tzena Tzena Tzena Miron - Parish: 1941 1900s Israel
Senso-ju Temple at Asakusa Hiroshige: 1840s c 1800s Tokyo Japan
Chariots of Fire Director: Hugh Hudson 1981 1971-1990 United Kingdom
Biviel Shoe BV2773 Biviel Design: 2010 2000s Germany
Ardabil Carpet Classical Persian School: 16th century CE London United Kingdom
Monster, The Director: Roberto Benigni 1994 1991-2010 Italy
Rob Roy Director: Michael Caton-Jones 1995 1991-2010 United Kingdom
System of Architectural Ornament, A Designer: Louis Henri Sullivan 1922 1900s Chicago United States
National Farmers' Bank Architect: Louis Sullivan 1907 1900 - 1950 Owatonna MN United States
Love Actually Director and Screenwriter: Richard Curtis 2003 1991-2010 United Kingdom
The New Colossus Author: Emma Lazarus 1883 1800s New York, NY United States
Owl and the Sparrow Director: Stephane Gauger 2007 1991-2010 Saigon Vietnam
Hyacinths to feed thy soul White, James Terry: 1911c 1900s United States
Much Ado About Nothing Playwright: William Shakespeare 1993 1991-2010 Tuscany Italy
High Noon Director: Fred Zinnemann 1952 1951-1970 United States
Octopus Schaefer, Taf Lebel: 2005
Godfather Director: Coppola Francis Ford 1972 1971-1990 United States
3 Idiots Screenwriter: Chopra Vidhu Vinod 2009 1991-2010 India
Chocolate Pitcher and Butter Dish Villeroy & Boch: 1930 Germany
A Few Good Men Director: Rob Reiner 1992 1991-2010 United States
Two Family House Director: Raymond De Felitta 2000 1991-2010 New York United States
City Island De Felitta, Raymond: 2009 1991-2010 New York United States
Trees Alexander, John: 1899 1900s Olathe United States
Repose Painter: John White Alexander 1895 1900s New York United States
Her Face to the Wind Painter: William Hosner 2006 2000s Traverse City, Michigan United States
Greystoke Director: Hugh Hudson 1984 1971-1990 United Kingdom
Laocoon (Laocoön and His Sons) Sculptor: Agesander 1st century BCE to 1st century CE 500 BCE - 1 CE Rome Italy
Cyrano de Bergerac Playwright: Edmond Rostand 1897 1900s France
La Gomena (The Boat Tow-er) Painter: Ettore Tito 1909 2000s Rome Italy
Real Chiesa di San Lorenzo (Royal Church of St. Lawrence) Architect: Guarino Guarini 1680 1600s Torino (Turin) Italy
Robie House Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright 1910 1900 - 1950 Chicago, Illinois United States