Title Creator Date Era City Country
Othello: the Moor of Venice Playwright: William Shakespeare 1603 1600s Stratford-on-Avon United Kingdom
Trustee from the Toolroom Author: Nevil Shute 1960 United Kingdom
Psyche Author: Phyllis Brett Young 1959 Canada
Real Adventure, The Author: Henry Kitchell Webster 1915 United States
Atlas Shrugged Author: Ayn Rand 1957 1951 - 2000 New York United States
King in Khaki, A Author: Henry Kitchell Webster 1909 1900 - 1950 United States
East of Eden Author: John Steinbeck 1952 1951 - 2000 United States
Design for Living Writer: Noel Coward 1932 1900s United Kingdom
Far Country, The Author: Nevil Shute 1952 1951 - 2000 Australia
Brass Bowl, The Vance, Louis Joseph: 1907 1900 - 1950 United States
The New Colossus Author: Emma Lazarus 1883 1800s New York, NY United States
Hyacinths to feed thy soul White, James Terry: 1911c 1900s United States