Euphronios Krater aka Sarpedon Krater

Primary Creator
Vase Painter Euphronios
Length20 inches
Width20 inches
Name of WorkEuphronios Krater aka Sarpedon Krater
Production Date515 BC
Production Location

Current Location

Media Typesclay, paint
General Notes

Was owned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, but was claimed by the Greek govt., and the MMA relented in about 2007 to return it, based on the claim that there hadn't been a valid permit for its export. The MMA lost millions of dollars in the process.


Very large, perfectly intact karater depicting highly detailed mythological Greek scenes of death on battlefield. It is a monument in the "red figure style" of Greek Vase painting.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Exquisitely beautiful hardship.

Context Information

There can be arguments for this work going into the Experiential Art category, as a form of painting/illustration, and an argument for it going into the Product-design category, since it is nominally a vase, a holder for something (wine or oil). But this latter choice would be quite lame, since it was presumably never intended to be a functional vase.