Robie House

Primary Creator
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
Area3000 square feet
Era1900 - 1950
Height270 inches
Length750 inches
Volume28000 cubic feet
Width250 inches
Name of WorkRobie House
Production Date1910
Production Location

Current Location

Media Typesbrick, leaded glass, Stone
General Notes

Dimensions are my rough approximations.


A radical rakingly-horizontal design on a tight city lot that focuses your attention. The structure is given immense three-dimensionality by means of the massive shallow roofs that overhang in all directions, along with the deeply set window ribbons. Long bricks, and emphasized horizontal joints all add to the radical horizon. The colors are simple and rich -- with the strong red brick, the offsetting neutral stone horizontal pieces and the rich playfulness of the window details. You experience the interior spaces as being expansive, because the ribbon horizontal windows provide continuous vistas in almost all directions. The materials of the interior are sumptuous wood and plaster and playful window designs


The essence of a house as shelter, and providing a sense of strength and privacy. That is, a structure that exudes strength through its massive cantilever and massive brick and stone forms, along with its big overhangs sheltering the windows to create a sense of privacy and enclosure, in its urban situation.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

The world is open and has sweeping, unending possibilities.

Context Information

A theological seminary owned it for some decades and tried to demolish it, but the public outcry stopped them.


Chicago School, organic architecture, prairie style