Blue Steps of Naumkeag

Primary Creator
Landscape Designer Fletcher Steele
Era1900 - 1950
Length1200 inches
Width720 inches
Name of WorkBlue Steps of Naumkeag
Production Date1937-39
Production Location

Current Location

Media Typesbirch trees, concrete, paint (blue), steel, water
General Notes


A double stairway consisting of a series of steps and small landings with white-arched, blue-painted grottoes under each landing. White-stemmed birches are part of the composition, frame the steps and give the composition a veritcal element. Delicate, curved white railings in front of curved yew hedges create visual resonance with the white of the birches, and act as a coordinating transition between the steps and the birches


The man-made enhances nature -- it is what makes nature beautiful

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

elegance and grace

Context Information

Perfect integration of plants and the man made, using plants in their natural shape to enhance the experience of the steps. The purpose of the stairway was to allow the owner to go safely from the house to the flower cutting garden down a very steep slope.