Owl and the Sparrow

Primary Creator
Director Stephane Gauger
Screenwriter Stephane Gauger
Actor Han Thi Pham
Actor Cat Ly
Actor The Lu Le
Duration97 minutes
Name of WorkOwl and the Sparrow
Production Date2007
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes

The key to this fable (and it is a fable despite being somewhat naturalistic in style) is the idea of a chosen family. It is all done through the characters and their actions - you are shown, not told, what motivates the characters. There are some drawbacks to the movie: it is not completely clear who two main adult characters are and what they really want in life -- but on the simple level of achieving a chosen family it is a winner.


A 10 year old girl is unhappy with her orphaned life with her hard uncle who works her in his factory, takes advantage of her economically, and berates her for any small failures. She leaves and moves to the streets of Saigon where she tries to make a living selling flowers and the like. Along the way she meets a stewardess unhappy with her current single life and a young zookeeper who is on the rebound from a fiance who has walked away. The girl manages to introduce them, and they realize they are attracted to each other. In the meantime the girl is taken by the authorities to an orphanage since she isn't supposed to be on her own. The denouement is the successful coming together of the three characters as a family.


Searching for family, for soulmates.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

A child shows sweetness and strength and determination.


Discussion: Owl and the Sparrow

The girl is a quiet intelligent person who seems serious yet has a rich inner life evidenced by her doll dialogues and her discussions with the elephant. The zookeeper: A man who cares much for his animals, but seems unfocused romantically, since his relation to former fiance is very fuzzy and unclear. The stewardess: A woman who is searching for a good man and/or a good life, but seems unclear about what to do and her relation to a married pilot is fuzzy.