Rob Roy

Primary Creator
Director Michael Caton-Jones
Screenwriter Alan Sharp
Actor Liam Neeson
Actor Jessica Lange
Actor Tim Roth
Duration139 minutes
Name of WorkRob Roy
Production Date1995
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes

Apparently not a great commercial success. May have made some money, but marginal.


Rob Roy MacGregor is a leader of his clan and works to keep them alive and well-fed in the harsh conditions of 18th century Scotland (harsh both from a physical and a political/cultural standpoint). He borrows money from an unscrupulous local lord who wants to grab his land, and when a henchman of the lord steals the money that was lent, Rob Roy becomes an outlaw that has to avenge his family, his clan and reclaim his rightful goods. The movie depicts a rare case of romantic love (between Rob Roy and Mary, his wife) that is based on shared strengths of character. It doesn't hurt that the two actors are cast perfectly to fill the roles of hero and heroine, and are beautiful to look at. The climactic scene of the final fight illustrates the difference between a man who fights to live a full and happy life vs. a brilliant fighter who lacks the spark, the motivation to go to any length to succeed.


Heroism in everyday life leads to heroism writ large. A man works hard to lead his life and those of his extended clan in an honorable, productive, honest way. This is the everyday heroism. But dishonorable, evil men seek to steal from him and ruin him. This leads to a life of larger-than-life heroism to vanquish his mortal, and stronger enemies.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Life is a struggle. The life you make for yourself can be difficult, but living it with strength and morality is the way to live. Happiness is possible in romance.