Wall Street

Primary Creator
Director Oliver Stone
Writer Stanley Weiser
Actor Michael Douglas
Actor Martin Sheen
Actor Charlie Sheen
Duration125 minutes
Name of WorkWall Street
Production Date1987
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes

Script lacks integration in areas -- there are holes regarding the raider (Gekko) and his relation to the airline he is buying, and some of the financial banter is economically incoherent. Also the Greed speech is mostly a positive statement about markets, yet the movie is anti-capitalist.


The story of a young man who desires money so strongly he gets sucked into the sleazy world of illegal financial trading on Wall Street. A corporate raider who is the young broker's idol draws him into this world of making huge amounts of money by getting illegal information.


Financiers are amoral money-grubbing backstabbers, i.e., desire for money corrupts

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

There are bad people in power who use ordinary people as pawns in their endless pursuit of money. Those who are not ruthless are sheep to be slaughtered by the rich and powerful. Greed is bad.

Context Information

Michael Douglas won Oscar for best actor (playing Gordon Gekko)



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