Wait for Your Soldier

Primary Creator
Singing Group Soviet Army Chorus and Band
Conductor Boris Alexandrov
Singer Ivan Bukreyev
Duration5 minutes
Name of WorkWait for Your Soldier
Production Dateunknown mid-20th century
Production Location

Current Location

Media TypesCD
General Notes

Available in Monitor Import CD titled Soviet Army Chorus & Band, produced in 1992.


A men's chorus singing a lighthearted march with a feeling of anticipation. The effect is of a powerful joy. While the song itself is quite lighthearted, the deep voiced chorus gives it its sense of power.


The power of joy to motivate action.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Happiness triumphs.

Context Information

Used in the film 'Moscow on the Hudson' when the visiting Soviet circus visits Bloomingdales. It expresses their amazed joy at the wondrous abundance of America -- and they are GOING SHOPPING.


p> Lyrics (as translated on the CD notes and tell of a girl seeing a soldier off to his regiment.


folk song, Russian