Attila (live performance)

Primary Creator
Composer Giuseppe Verdi
Conductor Riccardo Muti
Singer Ildar (Attila) Abdrazakov
Singer Violeta (Odabella) Urmana
Duration145 minutes
StyleOpera Seria
Name of WorkAttila (live performance)
Production Date2010 03 03
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes


Attila is vanquishing Italy and in the process falls in love with the heroic daughter of a Lord he has killed. He takes her as a slave and eventually as his wife, but she harbors the desire to kill him in vengeance, and eventually succeeds. (Rather convoluted plot that isn't fully detailed here).


Loving a heroic woman leads to death

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Life is a mix of strength, heroism, romantic passion.

The work is a long complex opera, so it has many other lyrical emotions as part of it, but this covers the basic sense of life.

Context Information

The story had special meaning for the Italians at the time (mid-19th century) because of their own efforts to become a free, sovereign nation.

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