Using ArtGrok

ArtGrok is available to everyone who has access to the web. Anyone can view the categories of art by browsing or searching the ArtGrok site.

Browsing is done by simply hovering over one of the four main categories of art, and then selecting a sub-category as desired. This will result in a list of works to choose from. You then choose any individual work by clicking on its title, which takes you to the details of that work.
Searching is done by using the box in the upper-right corner of the home page. Results, if any, is a list of individual artworks. Clicking on the title link takes you to the details of that artwork including images, videos, text, or audio samples that give a direct introduction to that artwork.
The idea is to help visitors experience the artworks via a representation that is close to the actual experience, since that is the best way to experience the various forms of art before actually experiencing the artworks in the flesh.

For those wanting to create a new entry in ArtGrok – to share artworks that have significant emotional meaning to them -- they can do so by becoming a registered user.

Once new entries by registered users (“author”) are created, they are passed on to volunteer moderators at ArtGrok, who have special knowledge and a special interest in each art category. Once the moderator reviews the new entry, if there are no changes suggested, the entry becomes a Published ArtGrok Artwork. If the proposed entry requires any clarifications, added information, or has any errors or doesn't meet the standards of ArtGrok (see Standards for ArtGrok Entries), the entry will go back to the author for additional work. Moderators primarily respond to whether:

  • the work actually qualifies for entry in ArtGrok according to the standards of ArtGrok for various art-categories. (see “Standards for ArtGrok Entries”),
  • that the entry is reasonably complete.

Moderators do not fact-check the Artwork entries, but they can ask for further reference information, if appropriate.

Moderators do not reject or accept Artwork entries because they personally like or dislike a given artwork, but solely base their comments on whether the artwork is a qualifying example of that particular art-category, and that the information supplied is consistent with ArtGrok policies and standards. Once a work is published, other registered users can add, or alter the content of an entry, though always subject to review by a moderator or the original author.

See Creating an Artgrok Artwork Entry for details on the process.