Burgos Cathedral Crossing

Primary Creator
Architect Unknown
Height1000 inches
Length250 inches
Width250 inches
Name of WorkBurgos Cathedral Crossing
Production Date1569 circa
Production LocationBurgos, Spain
Media Typescolored glass, Stone
General Notes


A rare example of a church crossing that is actually glass in the crossing. The classic Gothic design is a solid, ribbed crossing or a place for a raised cupola. In this case, the designer actually left out the solid infill in the ceiling and replaced it with an intricate pattern of stained glass. This gives a much more open feel to the vault.


The spirit of god is rational, uplifting and rich in detail

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

God is order and reason and light.

Context Information

The entire church has several other of these remarkable glass ceilings in complex geometrical shapes -- all different. However the bulk of the church is ordinary