Real Adventure, The

Primary Creator
Author Henry Kitchell Webster
Name of WorkReal Adventure, The
Production Date1915
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A young woman (Rose) and man (Rodney) fall in love on sight, and marry soon thereafter. Since he is wealthy and a very successful lawyer, they live in high society. Rose comes to realize she is more a mistress than an equal partner with her husband in their life. She realizes that until she can be on an equal footing with him -- to be his friend, as well as his lover -- they will grow apart and live an empty life like so many of their fancy friends. She radically separates from him, in order to create a persona for herself that will be an equal match to his brilliance.


Creating your self is the only way to live.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Life is wonderful as long as you realize that life has to be earned the hard way.

Context Information

Webster (in one of his early books "Calumet 'K'", was a favorite of Ayn Rand.


love story