American President

Primary Creator
Director Rob Reiner
Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin
Actor Michael Douglas
Actor Annette Bening
Actor Martin Sheen
Actor Michael J. Fox
Duration114 minutes
Name of WorkAmerican President
Production Date1995
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes


The love life of a President -- how a single father gets back into the "dating scene" while being the President of the U.S. Annette Bening plays the love interest, as a tough and idealistic political operative who is trying to get a politically correct environmental law passed, while becoming attracted to the President (Michael Douglas). The tension develops on two fronts: conservatives attacking the President because he's got a love life, and a conflict of interests between the political calculations of the President vs. Bening's environmental push. Resolves itself when the President matches her idealism.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Romance is fun, funny and important.