Monster, The

Primary Creator
Director Roberto Benigni
Screenwriter Roberto Benigni
Actor Roberto Benigni
Actor Nicoletta Braschi
Duration112 minutes
Name of WorkMonster, The
Production Date1994
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes

Known as Il Mostro in Italian (and O Monstro in Brazil).


A classic case of mistaken identity. Benigni plays a small-time cheat (Loris) who tries to hold onto his apartment without paying rent, and steals espresso and cakes from the local bar, etc., etc. He is mistakenly identified as the likely "monster" who has been raping and killing women in recent times in his city. The police investigators (who are nuttily, and scarily) fascinated by sick sexual activities, trail him and try to entice him to try to rape her so they can catch him in the act. Benigni's wife (Braschi) plays the polcewoman who becomes his roommate. To entice him, she always happens to walk around naked, spreads her legs while reading, etc. etc. to great comedic effect. Loris doesn't know what to make of this explosively exhibitionist chick, but tries to disregard the female parts thrust into his face. One of the great comedies of all time. A combination of slapstick with a well-thought out and integrated plotline.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Just laughter and more of the same.