Primary Creator
Director Korda Alexander
Actor Charles Laughton
Actress Elsa Lancaster
Actress Gertrude Lawrence
Duration85 minutes
Name of WorkRembrandt
Production Date1936
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes

This film has significant aspects that are arguably thematic, in regard to the visual appearance of the film (reminiscent of a Vermeer painting) and in regard to aspects of Rembrandt's character (independence, passion for his work, etc.) However, because, as a work of cinema, in which the literary part must play a crucial role, this film better falls into the experiential arts category, since it does not display a compelling overall theme that shows up in the screenplay and writing.


Partial biography of Rembrandt van Rijn, the great painter. Laughton portrays him as an independent spirit who is intensely focused on his painting craft, and who gets involved in various amorous relations with his female models and servants.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Life is hard as an independent spirit, and wealth will elude you, but you will be happy, after a fashion.

Context Information

The visual appearance of this movie is a superb example of great Hollywood set design and art direction. The creation of so many interior and exterior vistas that idealize the bold geometry and contrasting patterns, is a tour de force in a black and white film.


Biography, Eighteenth Century, Holland, The Netherlands