Tell No One (aka Ne le dis à personne)

Primary Creator
Director Guillaume Canet
Writer Guillaume Canet
Actor François Cluzet
Actor Marie-Josée Croze
Actor Kristin Scott Thomas
Duration125 minutes
Name of WorkTell No One (aka Ne le dis à personne)
Production Date2006
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes


A couple in love: Alexandre Beck is a doctor and his wife, Margot, is a horsewoman. One night they are attacked, and when he wakes up she is dead. Yet eight years later, he receives an email that makes him believe she is still alive. The plot then twists and turns, with a pedophile, a group of vicious killers seeking information, police who are seeking the doctor as a suspect, slum chieftains who come to the rescue, and more.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Life is sad, and controlled by mysterious corruption.


conspiracy, murder