Burn Notice

Primary Creator
Creator Matt Nix
Actress Gabrielle Anwar
Actor Jeffrey Donavan
Writer Matt Nix
Name of WorkBurn Notice
Production Date2007
Production Location

Current Location

General Notes


Michael Weston is a U.S. spy (espionage agent) who has been working for years in the field to further U.S. interests and shape events. For some mysterious reason he has been fired (aka given a "burn notice"). The series story is about his private exploits to a) help various clients who are in trouble, and b) find out who burned him and get back to work in his chosen profession. He spontaneously has a "team" consisting of his former lover (Fiona Glenanne, played by Gabrielle Anwar) and an field intelligence friend (a former Navy seal) named Sam Ax. The series is noted for the significant amount of concrete detail about spycraft and how to do things in a successful and unconventional way (major outside-the-box thinking exercises.)

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Anything can be done if you are smart and motivated enough.