Horse Seen from Behind

Primary Creator
Draftsman Andrea Boscoli
Height9 inches
Width6 inches
Name of WorkHorse Seen from Behind
Production Date1587c
Production Location

Current Location

Media Typesblack chalk, paper, red chalk
General Notes


Drawing of an active, strong horse, from the rear, with tail swishing and front right leg raised. Strong, accurate, realistic rendering.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Not much except perhaps stylistic -- confident, strong drafting style, and a vibrant, alive, horse.

Context Information

part of Tobey Collection -- exhibited in Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2010


Discussion: Horse Seen from Behind

Thematic vs. Experiential

This drawing is instructive in relation to another drawing on ArtGrok "Head of a Bearded Man". While both of these drawings are similar in quality of wonderful draftsmanship, the Horse drawing is Experiential because it has no theme. Whereas the Head of a Bearded Man, by virtue of being a drawing of a face, and given its strong emotional character, falls into the Thematic Art category. This points out that the choice of a painter (draftsman) to do a portrait or face can result in a thematic work by virture of that subject choice, whereas even though the horse can be considered as good, it lacks the emotional sense afforded by a face. The rear end of a horse just doesn't have the expressive potential of a man's elderly face.