3 Idiots

Primary Creator
Screenwriter Chopra Vidhu Vinod
Director Hirani Rajkumar
Actor Khan Aamir
Actor Madhavan
Actor Kapoor Kareena
Duration160 minutes
Name of Work3 Idiots
Production Date2009
Production Location

Current Location

Media Typesfilm
General Notes


A rather complex plot (twists and turns) about three friends at one of the top engineering colleges in India, and their relationship with the rigid school superintendent. The key character is Rancho played by Aamir Khan, who is an unorthodox and brilliant thinker and engineer, who hates the system of teaching at the school. But he can't be easily dismissed because he's a genius. There is also a charming relation between Rancho and the daughter of the superintendent. There is a mystery lingering in the story, that isn't resolved until the last minutes, so this description will be left incomplete to avoid divulging that info.


Be what you want to be; follow your passion in life

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Life can be fun and productive and exciting. As is true in some other Bollywood features, this story and the ideas behind it about pursuing the good life, has an honesty and clarity and benevolence that is not part of the U.S. movie scene.

Context Information

Although I chose the style as "drama", it is equally a comedy and a musical and a mystery!


education, school, self-determination