Two Family House

Primary Creator
Director Raymond De Felitta
Screenwriter Raymond De Felitta
Actor Michael Rispoli
Actor Kelly MacDonald
Duration108 minutes
Name of WorkTwo Family House
Production Date2000
Production Location

Current Location

Media Typesfilm
General Notes

"Finding the courage to be happy" is a succinct statement (could even be considered a theme) of the movie.


Set in 1956, a young Italian guy (Buddy) who has dreams to work for himself, buys a terribly run-down house in a poor neighborhood. He plans to renovate it so he and his wife can live upstairs and he can open a bar on the ground floor and be on his own (as well as be able to nurse his singing abilities as a host). His wife is totally against it, as well as all his previous ideas to further himself. She and her friends make fun of him repeatedly and she actually puts up roadblocks, trying to prevent his success. The story includes the deadbeat family living upstairs and Buddy's attempts to evict them, all leading to a wonderful love story, with love based on being encouraged to achieve one's dreams.


Going after what you want in life; Don't be stopped by conventional standards of the people around you. It takes courage to be selfish.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Feelings of benevolence and optimism about life. Happiness comes from making choices for your own good.

Context Information

De Felitta's other film "City Island" is also a very successful study of people, their psychologies, and how to live life.