Wisdom and Strength

Primary Creator
Painter Paolo Veronese
Height85 inches
Width66 inches
Name of WorkWisdom and Strength
Production Date1580c
Production Location

Current Location

Media Typesoil on canvas
General Notes

Part of a series of works that were designed as a group. The title asserts themes but there is no way one could extract those titled themes (wisdom especially) from the depicted subjects or their rendering.


A sumptuously clad full-figured woman, with one exposed breast is leaning against a column and looking upward, while immediately to her right is a powerfully built man leaning off to the side and looking down. Beneath them is a small child (I think an angel given the apparent wings), sitting next to some crown and jewels, and looking upward. There is a landscape and sky in a sliver of the painting off to the side.

Emotional Sum or Sense-of-life

Sumptuousness is good, and the human form is good.

Context Information

Art historians and Veronese experts are unclear about what this work means or almost anything about its production -- thus there does not even seem to be an opportunity for deeper study that would yield any clarity to this work.


allegory, mythology